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STAND UP AND TAKE YOUR MAT is a reconciliation program delivered in a workshop or retreat format for those who seek healing, spiritual growth and greater intimacy with God.

It is for people who:

  • Hurt from a failed relationship or estrangement from family
  • Struggle to let go of past disappointments and destructive habits
  • Carry guilt from past mistakes
  • Have inner emptiness that nothing seems to fill
  • Seek a more vigorous relationship with God

A path to healing awaits these seekers. Traveling the path demands effort, but with knowledge and guidance, honesty and persistence will be rewarded with a newness of life.

The program equips participants with the tools needed to feel confident embarking onand completing–confession.

Participants will learn:

  • How reconciliation invites healing
  • Why confess if Christ died for my sins
  • What exactly counts as “sin”
  • How we're wounded by sin before sinning
  • Why two actions of forgiveness (extending and accepting) are required
  • Answers to the inescapable question: What is God’s will for my life (and do I really want that)?

Participants will walk away with a firm grasp on how reconciliation leads to healing, a solid start on personal inventory and a plan for completing it.

Has anyone ever told you just to “forgive and forget?” They make it sound easy, but forgiveness can be really hard to do. And is forgetting really a part of forgiveness at all?

Come to a one-hour workshop to learn:

• What forgiveness is (and what it is NOT)

• Easy ways to talk to friends when they hurt your feelings

• How to reclaim control when anger has control over you

• How to forgive yourself and deal with shame

• The best way to offer a sincere apology

Participants will walk away knowing how to release even a stubborn case of resentment in the act of forgiveness.