Across Traditions

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Some questions are bigger than the human capacity to comprehend. Yet some people are more perceptive than others. How do the perceptive ones do it? We expand our power to perceive when we steady ourselves with truths anchored in traditional wisdom and reach into the unknown. No tradition has cornered the market on truth. Rather, some truths transcend many spiritual traditions.

Moses changed his perspective to get a better look at the burning bush. (Ex3:3) We too must change our perspective to see truth in a new light. We work harder to understand even our own beliefs when we are drawn into tension by differing views. Reaching across traditions leads to a deeper understanding of essential truths.

Much ancient wisdom has stood the test of time and speaks to us today. Yet modern traditions speak a language uniquely penetrating to modern ears. By reaching across traditions both ancient and modern, we harvest truths that span the ages.