Across Traditions

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Healing is a mysterious process. Although it is anathema to mystery to assign steps for attaining it, several traditions—both ancient and modern—do just that.

Secrets of Confession: Healing Power Across Traditions examines traditions that practice confession to unlock the secrets of healing and spiritual renewal. The Christian tradition of reconciliation, the Jewish tradition of atonement, and the Twelve Steps for addiction recovery each outline steps for exposing oneself to the transformational power that confession can release. The book combines traditional wisdom with the author’s personal experience of confession in the Episcopal tradition to give clear guidance for preparing and making confession as a step towards healing and life change.

Secrets of Confession will be the first religious how-to title on the practice of confession that speaks to seekers from many backgrounds, including the growing segment that identifies its religious affiliation as "none" or as spiritual but not religious. From a Twelve Step perspective, it will shed fresh insights on the Fourth and Fifth Steps, "fearless and searching moral inventory” and “admitting wrongs to another person and God.” Secrets of Confession brings healing power into reach for those seeking a new lease on life.