Addiction. Bullying. Coercion. Divorce. Emotional eating. Fractured finances. Guilty gains. Hostile homes.
The elegy of injury runs from A to Z. No one escapes wounding in life—receiving it or inflicting it.

Stephanie Walker's compassion for people who suffer and her passion for social justice have shaped her career. After earning a BS in Electrical Engineering and Physics at Duke University, Stephanie spent 20 years in telecom engineering and sales. During that time, she volunteered for three domestic violence shelters in roles ranging from hotline volunteer to speakers bureau to board member. Her social justice volunteer efforts became her full time vocation when she joined Vision Regeneration, a nonprofit working with kids in street gangs to end youth violence. Stephanie's commitment to ending violence led to speaking opportunities at churches, foundations, fund raising events and a social venture investor conference.

Across Traditions

That commitment, combined with her personal experience of healing through the religious practice of confession, moved Stephanie to lead reconciliation workshops and retreats in the Episcopal tradition. Curious about what millions of Twelve Step recovery seekers know about the healing power of confession that Episcopalians don't, she joined a Twelve Step program for recovery from hurts habits and hang-ups. After studying Jewish theology, she joined a Jewish conversion program at a local synagogue to experience community and to gain perspective on actual practices in the Jewish tradition.

Her journey has led to countless interviews with people from a rich variety of traditions about their experiences of faith and healing. She gathered this wisdom in Secrets of Confession: Healing Power across Traditions, a book manuscript that unlocks the secrets of healing and personal transformation by examining ancient and modern spiritual traditions that practice confession. 

Stephanie presently writes and speaks on practices for inviting healing and life change. She leads workshops and retreats on reconciliation and forgiveness, she volunteers in the Dallas County jail, and she instigates interfaith exchange on the
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